850 senior dogs are given the best life at the perfect sanctuary

Valerie, the founder of Whispering Willows, has saved over 850 senior dogs. She has provided them with a home where they are shown love and attentive care. At first, she only started out with a couple of seniors.

There were 12, then 20, and so on. Valerie’s husband was surprised when she kept adding more and more to the sanctuary. Whispering Willows has 5 acres that are fenced and gated.

All the dogs have the freedom to come and go as they please between two buildings. The main house is a place of social gathering, and the additional building is quieter and for more introverted dogs.

Usually, the dogs that live in the main house sleep with Valerie in her king-sized bed. When there wasn’t enough space, she added another bed so everyone could be comfortable.

Their day-to-day life is hectic. Every morning at 6 am, they prepare all the food, and it takes around an hour to get everyone fed. Once they’re done eating, the dogs do whatever they want.

Valerie’s favorite part of the day is when all the dogs settle down and snuggle together. It is the best time because everyone is at rest and at peace.

The sanctuary has changed Valerie’s life forever. She is able to provide care for senior dogs that most shelters are lacking. Every dog is given the love they deserve in the time they have left.

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850 senior dogs are given the best life at the perfect sanctuary