Adorable Girl Befriends Forgotten Pit Bull in Shelter

People have been debating for years whether or not pit bulls are dangerous dogs. Over the years, this breed of dog has been used for criminal activity, gangs, and fighting, giving the pups a lousy reputation. Pit bulls are sweet dogs, and this little girl’s experience with one proves just that.

The young girl who we’ll call “G” has a huge heart for her best friend, Scarlett. The two met when G went to a local animal shelter with her mom and saw Scarlett in the background behind the other dogs. She was she and had a less-than-pleasant aroma about her.

Scarlett looked unkempt, and the 2-year-old girl saw that the dog needed some love. She asked her mom to let the doggy out and immediately noticed that it needed help. When Scarlett was allowed out of the cage on a leash, she was quite hesitant.

After walking around outside for a bit, Scarlett quickly warmed up. This is thanks to G’s caring nature and love for her new friend. The entire time they played outside of the shelter today, the pit bull never left the toddler’s side. G said to her mom as they walked back to the cage, “Sick Doggy. Need help. Go home.” Thankfully, G’s mom agreed, and Scarlett found a new forever family.

In what seems like an unlikely pair, this 2-year-old girl and shy pit bull become best friends after a trip to the animal shelter. Filled with compassion, the toddler gets a new friend, and the pup finds a new home. #Pitbull #Dog #Toddler #Pets