Alarmed Neighbor Calls Cops on Parrot Screaming ‘Let Me Out’

Amazonian Parrots have terrific memories and can learn human speech with ease, just by listening to their owners speaking. One such parrot, is Rambo, a yellow-naped Amazon parrot. Rambo has lived with his owner since he was only a child. Till present, they have lived together for forty years, and Rambo talks quite a lot.

One of the things that the man had taught Rambo to say when he was young was “Let Me Out!” “Ohhh, Ohhhh, Ohhh.” He did this so that he could annoy his parents, but on this occasion, it had another consequence. The neighbors heard the parrot screaming, and they presumed that someone was in danger and called the Police.

When the Police arrived at the scene, they found the man doing some work with the wheel of his car. When they talked to him, he laughed and said: “I’ll bring out the screamer to you.” He then goes into the house and returns with the parrot on his arm. The owners say that he often screams by himself, seeking attention.

Alarmed Neighbor Calls Cops on Parrot Screaming \'Let Me Out\'