Blaze The Husky Is Put Into A Box. I Cannot Believe A Person Could Do This, Just Despicable…

The pale blue eyes of a husky are the prettiest sight to see. This beautiful white husky is Blaze. His owner has called him that ever since he first graciously adopted him. It was just what the owner was reminded of. He helped Blaze to have a loving home and a loving family for a very long time. This poor animal has been through a lot in his life, firstly being separated from his family since birth. His mean master also locks him inside for what seems like an eternity. Through all the barks and pleas for freedom, his owner ignores him.

Blaze is not the worst dog around by any standards. Sure, he may occasionally tear up the shoes or the carpet, but at his core, he is a very loving dog. He always stays loyal no matter what his owner puts him through. He is there when one needs a hug or something adorable. This loyal husky knows no limits when it comes to his bully of an owner.

Throughout the day, Blaze started to notice his owner putting stuff into a bag. His dad packed many Clothes, pocketed a few electronics, and double-checked papers- common items necessary for travel. Blaze, unbelievably calm, follows his owner back and forth trying to figure out this pattern. With the most diligence, Blaze realizes his master is leaving and being to panic.

When will he be back if he ever comes back, where is the food and how do I get to it, who will use their thumbs to open the door for me? With a quick zip of the bag, his savage owner tells him to get into the box. Blaze prances about in an anxious fit, his owner with a sterner voice says, ‘Blaze!’ The frightened and loving Husky’s ears stand on end, as he carefully crawls slowly towards his master.

What did you think of how Blazes owner treated him? Moreover, when Blaze reacted? I was blown away but he human he seemed. We would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Blaze The Husky Is Put Into A Box. I Cannot Believe A Person Could Do This, Just Despicable...