Cat reaches through cages to pet the animals at the vet

Bea is a cat who lives in a veterinarian’s office and loves to pet all the animals that come in. She started with petting chickens and then goats.

Crystal of Look Ahead Vet first noticed Bea doing it, and then everyone else spotted it as well. When an animal comes into the hospital, they always make sure that they are used to cats.

Bea understands the animal’s situation because she has been in their position. She is incredibly sympathetic and cautious, sometimes sitting with them for several minutes before reaching with her paw.

Crystal can tell that Bea is a good judge of character. Bea always makes sure the animals are happy and calm before touching them. The animals seem to sense Bea’s loving nature.

Bea was brought in as a stray and loved the hospital, so they kept her. She wanted someone to play with, and luckily another stray cat named Peggy came in.

Peggy was in her cage when Bea started playing with her through the bars. They became best friends, and Peggy copied everything Bea did. Together they watched all the animals.

Much like Bea’s situation, Peggy stayed at the hospital because everyone loved her. Peggy soon became confident in greeting the other animals without Bea’s guidance or company.

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Cat reaches through cages to pet the animals at the vet