Chains to Freedom: Senior Dog’s Inspiring Rescue Story

In a remarkable tale caught on video, two furry prisoners, Terry and his canine companion, endured two harrowing years of captivity atop a rooftop in Mexico City. Chained and matted, their suffering was finally alleviated when a compassionate neighbor raised the alarm, and Mexican authorities intervened. Enter Silvia of La Casa del Mestizo, their savior and the key to unlocking their future happiness.

Over four painstaking hours, Silvia liberated the dogs from their tangled prisons, revealing two fluffy, eager souls ready to embark on their new lives. Terry’s companion found his forever home swiftly, whisked away to the welcoming arms of a family in Montreal. Terry, however, patiently awaited his turn.

Destiny intervened when Lee and Danny, captivated by Terry’s photograph on the West Coast Paws website, knew in their hearts that he was meant to be a part of their family. But how would Terry make the journey from Mexico to Vancouver, Canada?

Fear not, for a group of generous volunteers arose to escort Terry on his international adventure. Safely delivered to Seattle, Terry was united with Lee and Danny and thus began his new life as Teddy.

Teddy has embraced his second chance with boundless enthusiasm, curiosity, and affection. His new parents proudly attest to his friendly nature and unquenchable love for life, a testament to the resilience of dogs everywhere.

Meanwhile, West Coast Paws is on a mission to secure the future of La Casa del Mestizo shelter, raising funds to support Silvia’s noble cause. Your generosity is dearly needed.

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Chains to Freedom: Senior Dog\'s Inspiring Rescue Story