Charming Airport Therapy Pig Gets Attention of Tired Travelers

Going to the airport can be a stressful venture, no matter if you’re traveling on business, for pleasure, or simply picking up your in-laws. The long lines through TSA and the hassle of baggage claim can make anyone need a trip to their therapist.

Travelers that frequent the San Francisco airport might get the chance to have a therapy session without leaving the building. No, there isn’t an in-airport therapy business, but there is something even better.

A Juliana pig named LiLou is a member of the San Francisco airport’s “Wag Brigade.” This is a group of therapy animals that are there to help people who travel with anxiety or are riddled with stress from a long trip.

LiLou wears a signature captain’s hat, and her hooves are painted bright red. She liked to waddle up to guests and give them a friendly greeting. Just seeing the adorable pig can make flyers feel a bit more at ease.

After a long day on her feet, she goes home to her apartment just like the rest of us. She gets to spend her off days eating organic veggies, going on walks, and relaxing to prepare for her next shift. Who knew a pig could be so cute?

Charming Airport Therapy Pig Gets Attention of Tired Travelers