Christmas piano kitty is the purest thing on this earth

Instead of the cat purring, the piano purred against the cat. This beautiful version of ‘Silent Night’ is a cat’s perfect companion.

A cat will lay where they feel the most comfortable. This usually means they’ll find the safest place in the house. For this particular cat, the piano is where the magic happens.

Minh is popular for his pets and their love of music. They embrace his playing, and find nothing but joy when piano sounds fill the air.

Haburu is pictured in the video and seems to be the most comfortable when it comes to the music. He lays on his side as the piano gently massages his back with each note. Not only does Haburu enjoy it, but this little cat falls asleep during the solo.

The video is made even more meaningful since the song played is ‘Silent Night’. Watching Haburu drift away is the calmest thing you will see this week.

Holidays in the Minh household is always lively. His piano playing lights up any room, and his pets bring instant joy. When you want to drift away in bliss like Haburu, take a listen to piano solos by Minh.

Christmas piano kitty is the purest thing on this earth