Police Officer Smashes Window To Rescue SEVEN Dogs Trapped In A Car

Police Officer Smashes Window To Rescue SEVEN Dogs Trapped In A Car

It should go without saying that a hot vehicle poses a very dangerous threat to anyone in it. People were shocked when a couple of videos surface of some experiments that were carried out to prove just how hot it could get inside a vehicle.

The temperature outside was about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It was designed to replicate what a person or animal would go through in the event being left there while the adult goes out to run a quick errand. He leaves two things: a thermometer and a raw egg on a frying pan. The person leaves for about 10 minutes and comes back to see the results.

After only 10 minutes, the temperature was well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and the egg was well-cooked. If the temperature got that hot in a matter of minutes, it would probably be fatal for a pup. There are times that people think it is not a big deal. It will only be a couple of minutes.

The truth is that the dogs will be better off at home. Every year, many dogs suffer from heatstroke and sometimes pass away because of being left inside a car with the windows up. So, when a police officer sees a group of dogs inside a car, she goes to check if everything is okay. The officer approaches the car to assess the situation better. It is clear that something is not right.

Not only is the owner of the poor pups nowhere to be found, but this person has left the animals in the vehicle on a 100-degree day without any food or water. The police officer thinks of something to help the suffering animals with their extreme dehydration and fight the real possibility of heatstroke.

She devises a way of providing the dogs some water through a tiny crack in one of the windows. She uses a straw and starts to feed some water into the vehicle. Of course, the dogs happily drink, and the police officer continues to wait for the owner. The owner doesn’t come back, and unfortunately, the officer needs to leave to respond to a call.

When the officer finishes her assignment, she checks on the dogs. She is shocked to find out that the owner has not shown up. At this point, the officer resorts to drastic measures. She fills an IV and feeds it to the dogs. Although the dogs were drinking it, it wasn’t enough, and she needed to do something else.

This time, she does something that solves the problem once and for all. Check out this rescue story in the video posted below. And, just in case you’re worried, all the pups were saved, check out by a vet, and they all got a new, loving home.

Police Officer Smashes Window To Rescue SEVEN Dogs Trapped In A Car