Australian Shepherd Loves His Treats – As Long As They’re Not From The Dog Catcher

Australian Shepherd Loves His Treats – As Long As They're Not From The Dog Catcher

We all know how different dogs have different personalities. We’ve certainly shared enough evidence of it online. Some of them are beautifully quiet and serious, while some of them are total huggable loveable goofballs. But no matter how silly or naïve they might at times look, dogs are actually really smart creatures. Nothing gets past them.

Okay, we know that you know this already -sorry! But just take, for example, this intelligent, and we think incredibly humorous, Australian Shepherd in the video featured below. He is going to drop your jaw for sure. This smart pooch is really selective when it comes to treats. But it’s got nothing to with the flavor, or the brand.

If the treats are from a family member, he doesn’t hesitate to wolf them down. But if, oh perish the thought, an identical treat comes from the dreadful Dog Catcher, this shepherd just turns his head, despite how tempting the treat looks. There’s something very deadpan and familiar about that pained look to camera, don’t you think?

You have got to watch this video below. This dog pulls the best face when presented with a treat from someone who is clearly his archnemesis. The look, though! The eyebrows arching as he looks directly at the camera – saying, ‘Are you listening to this guy?’ This is going to have you in stitches.

Australian Shepherd Loves His Treats – As Long As They\'re Not From The Dog Catcher