Dog Frantically Licks Deaf Boy Awake. The Reason Why He Did It Gave Me Chills.

There are so many amazing stories about animals rescuing the people in their families. Dogs alerting their parents that a baby has stopped breathing. Another one barking to tell his mommy that carbon monoxide is starting to flood their house. This story here, though is even more incredible, since it features a deaf boy and how a dog manage to rouse him out of his sleep to save his life.

Nick Lamb, a deaf 13-year-old was asleep in his house. Suddenly, his pit bull, Ace, started licking his face over and over until he woke up. Groggily, he woke up and immediately realized that there was smoke coming into his room. Quickly, he grabbed his cochlear implants and ran out of the house. It was good that he did, because the house was engulfed very quickly, leaving smoldering ruins after the fire department finished.

If it wasn’t for Ace’s presence, Nick would likely have been a victim of the tragic fire. Thank goodness for this pooch, whose alertness saved the deaf teenager’s life. At the end of the video, he said, ‘We love Ace – even more now.’ Hopefully the dog gets a reward in the form of a lot of his favorite food or he gets approximately 1,000 belly rubs over the course of the next few weeks.

Here’s another story showing how awesome pit bulls really are. They have a bad reputation from the media doing decades worth of stories that paint them as snarling, feral beasts. They are actually quite loving and docile ” they only attack if they have been mistreated badly by those who want them to be attack dogs ” people like drug dealers. If they are treated well, they respond in kind. Too bad people let their judgement be clouded by these stories.

What an amazing dog. He’s a hero. Don’t you think so? We’d welcome your comments. Also, please ‘Like’ us on Pinterest.

Dog Frantically Licks Deaf Boy Awake. The Reason Why He Did It Gave Me Chills.