This Dog Really Enjoyed Her Playtime At The Park… She Even Hung Out At The Swings…

Check out this absolutely endearing video of this family enjoying their day out at the park! You can hear the hustle and bustle of the kids in the background and well of course see them enjoying the swings. However, you will also notice something absurdly cute an hilarious. See, their family dog is the first one to enjoy the swings!

Dad noticed that the family dog Sara was not joining in on the fun. With some quick thinking, Dad asks Sara if she wanted to get a chance to play on the swings. The dog obliges, and Dad lifts Sara up and places her in the swings. What happens next is truly precious and unforgettable.

As Dad begins to push Sara, keep your eyes on her reaction. The more Dad pushes, the bigger the smile on her face. It’s clear she’s really enjoying this fun experience and doesn’t want it to stop.

The owner states that Sara has done this for the past four years, and she always goes wild with excitement and happiness whenever the family goes to the playground.

Please share this adorable video with your family! I am sure you can relate to the beautiful memory in this video!

This Dog Really Enjoyed Her Playtime At The Park... She Even Hung Out At The Swings...