Dog sees humans sledding and can’t resist

You will honestly wonder how this puppy is going to fit on that Frisbee. But she can and really enjoys it.

Dogs love to play in the snow. Like Layla, a smart dog that enjoys playing with her Frisbee. It’s the go-to toy of choice for energetic, outdoor dogs (and some indoor dogs, too).

At some point, Layla gets curious about sledding after the sledder captures her attention. As time goes by, she gets more and more excited.

So all of a sudden, Layla puts her frisbee on the snow, places her front paws on top of it, and imitates the movements of the sledder.

She puts her idea into action right away and manages to gracefully sled down the hill. Her theory worked perfectly. That’s a genius dog right there.

Now that’s pretty smart, you have to admit, not to mention a whole lot of fun, too. You go, Layla!

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Dog sees humans sledding and can’t resist