Dog Sitter Films His Dog-Sitting Adventures With The Pooch While The Owners Are Away

For people who have dogs, going on vacation is a sweet-sour experience. The first thing on their mind, how will my dog be? Will he be taken diligent care of? Will the sitter remember to feed him every day? Every dog owner wants the perfect dog sitter. But how do you find him? The first obvious place is through friends. Many friends know at least one person who takes very good care of dogs.

This person must be trustworthy and patient. He or she must be an animal lover. If the dog sitter has a dog, it can work. The only thing is how to find someone who doesn’t have plans for the holiday as well. Other options include social media.

There are many freelancers that do dog-sitting for a living. They can walk your dog every day, go and check on him or even take care of them if he is sick. More questions arise. Do you hire a young sitter or an older more experienced person? How can you measure “dog-responsibility?” How can you tell if the person won’t abuse or neglect your pet?

This was the case for a family that was going on a vacation. This is also the story of Skylar, their dog. After much searching they finally decide on a dog sitter. His name is James and he’s a young man with a bubbly personality. The first day he sees Skylar the two of them appear to have a connection. The owners give James instructions on what to do with the dog. Skylar is a very active dog so he will need to exercise Skylar a lot. James had to make sure to play with him in the yard and go out for the occasional run. The owners decide to leave and James is left to sit.

When they owners come back they discover that the dog has been cared for very well. James even makes a video of this. Among the activities was playing Frisbee. James also has a dog of his own and he very well knows that the way to a dog’s heart is through a Frisbee.

They played frisbee every day and it was as much fun for Skylar as it was for James. They also went running around the block so they could both have a change of scenery. There were funny moments, sad moments and even moments of romance. To find out all they did and how it went, click in the video.

Dog Sitter Films His Dog-Sitting Adventures With The Pooch While The Owners Are Away