Dog Was Taken To Prison… When You Find Out Why? You’ll Be Filled With Awesome Feelings.

Dogs really do quite a bit for humanity. Not only in the warm, fuzzy, loving, cuddly department either. More and more dogs seem to be popping up taking on responsibilities that are right up their alley. To be adorable and precious, a warm, furry shoulder to let go. To embrace the warm fur, the avid laps of a happy dog’s tongue. It seems that in an instant, all the negative emotions vanish. With the magical assistance of a service dogs, ready to help in any way he/she can.

The amazingly cute pooch, Pax follows his adoptive dad Bill. Bill isn’t a pushover himself. Bill Campell signed up to bravely serve his country. He decided to join the Army to do his civic duty. The army vet served his country with valor and continues helping his community and serving by caring about those affected by many different problems at home. The soldier found himself returning home after an injury during deployment in Iraq. He wouldn’t let this slow him down.

Thanks to Pax and Bill’s service, there are those who greatly appreciate their services. One such facility has a very special meaning to Pax. He has roots here, and won’t quickly forget them. Pax was trained in the woman’s correctional facility that they visit. The welcoming is warm and full of love and relief. Sometimes, you just need to pet a furry friend and let go of whatever you are holding back or holding onto. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Your shirt gets wet, maybe you feel a bit silly? Yet, the reward will always outweigh the risk.

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Dog Was Taken To Prison... When You Find Out Why? You\'ll Be Filled With Awesome Feelings.