This Dog Walked 4 Miles To Get This Bag Every Day. What’s Inside Will Leave You In Tears…

Lucia Helena de Souza is a very kind woman who lives four miles away from Lilica, a homeless dog. She always provides the dog with food for her animal family. She started providing food to Lilica sensing that Lilica was homeless as she often saw the mutt scrounging through trash for food.

Eventually she began to feed Lilica food from a bag inside her home. But de Souza often noticed that Lilica continuously stared at the bag. Lucia Helena de Souza somehow felt that the dog wanted to take the content to her other family members. So, de Souza started giving the entire bag to Lilica.

Since that exchange took place, de Souza everyday waits for Lilica at the same place and at the same time i.e. 9 pm every day. Lilicia walks four miles each night to receive that bag of food. When she reaches back to the junkyard, she feeds another dog, a few cats, a mule and some chickens, they are her junkyard family.

This has now become an everyday thing that Lucia Helena de Souza and Lilica do.

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This Dog Walked 4 Miles To Get This Bag Every Day. What\'s Inside Will Leave You In Tears...