Elephant And Her Handler Get Ready For Bedtime. What Happens Next Is So BEAUTIFUL

Music can do so much. It can calm us down when we’re upset. There are lyrics that can speak to us to help us through the roughest patches of our lives. They can fuel us through the toughest workouts out there. There’s another purpose too – they can help us drift off to sleep. I can’t tell you how many times I fell asleep listening to instrumental numbers on my headphones. The same principle is here between an elephant and her handler.

The video begins with an elephant named Faami and her handler Lek getting ready for bed. Faami extends her trunk and nudges/gently pulls Lek to her for a hug. I think that qualifies as one of the sweetest moments ever on the internet. Don’t you think so? Then they start a ritual that seems to guarantee that Faami will go to sleep easily ” Lek starts singing a beautiful lullaby as they make their way to the sleeping area.

After Lek has sung the first few bars of the lullaby, Faami is already starting to get ready to drift off into dreamland. She slowly lowers herself to the ground and rolls onto her side. Lek is lightly fanning/swatting her with a cloth. This is not even close to hurting Faami. It’s like a fly landing on her. As Faami starts getting closer to going to sleep, Lek sits next to the prone pachyderm and eventually leans against her, still singing her song. A baby elephant comes over, but Faami is visiting dreamland.

The thing is, at the end of the video, I could swear that Faami smiles just as the video goes to black. She is one content pachyderm, that’s for sure. It’s clear that Faami and Lek have an incredible bond. That’s no surprise, since she’s her sole keeper and protector. It’s actually a sacred duty in Thailand ” a dangerous one too, since elephants are unpredictable, but this one is going just fine.

Wasn’t this AWESOME? I want to go pet an elephant now and sing to him/her. Actually, given how terrible my singing voice is, it might agitate them. That would be bad. What would you do? Tell us in the comments. Also, please ‘Like’ us on Pinterest.

Elephant And Her Handler Get Ready For Bedtime. What Happens Next Is So BEAUTIFUL