Gentle, blind buffalo is momma to everyone on the farm

Helen the buffalo was a shiny loner until she took up her role as the farm’s gentle matriarch. Now she looks after everyone, even though she’s blind!

Helen is a 1200 pound buffalo, but she is such a gentle giant. After coming to this animal sanctuary, she was a quiet, introverted animal. Then, they took in an orphaned calf.

Soon, Helen began to groom and care for the calf as if it was her own. She would make sure the keepers were taking good care of the calf and keep him close. Soon, she came out of her shell.

She began taking care of the rest of the sanctuary as well. Whenever possible, she’ll groom any of the animals on the farm, looking after them – without actually looking.

Helen the buffalo is completely blind. She helps the other animals by smell and sound alone! If that wasn’t amazing enough, the bond she shares with the other animals.

Each night, all of the animals they are caring for at the sanctuary come into Helen’s meadow to hang out with her. They graze together in the sunset before they’re all put back to bed. This animal sanctuary is grateful to have Helen!

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Gentle, blind buffalo is momma to everyone on the farm