Brave momma dog leads rescuers to puppies in drainpipe

This stray puts her trust in humans, asking them to save her puppies. The rescue that follows is inspirational.

When the Dog Rescue Shelter in Mladenovac, Serbia got a call about a stray dog in a drainpipe, they were concerned. It was the middle of winter with deep snow and freezing temperatures, and this dog seemed to be approaching every passerby.

So they went to the location and found the dog they’d heard about. This girl was shivering, but wouldn’t stop going back into the drainpipe. They looked inside… and found three tiny puppies inside!

They named the mama dog Hera. While she was accustomed to humans, the puppies were afraid and wouldn’t come to the rescue team. They had to devise a clever way to rescue the puppies without harming them.

Finally, just before dark, they manage to get the puppies out of the pipe without harming them. The team reunites mom and her babies, and the grateful look in her huge eyes is so worth it!

Dog Rescue Shelter takes Hera and her puppies back to their shelter, where they give them the veterinary care they need and keep them warm and comfortable. This mama and her puppies are so grateful for the care of these dedicated humans!

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Brave momma dog leads rescuers to puppies in drainpipe