Heartwarming moment: Dog recognizes long-lost friend

It was a reunion that had been a long time coming. A heartwarming tale of two dogs who were not only cousins but best friends. Shiloh, a lovable black dog from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, had not seen his buddy in seven months. It’s unclear why the pups had been apart for so long. But that didn’t matter now, because their reunion on March 11, 2022, was heartwarming all the same.

And what made the reunion all the more special was that it was caught on video. It was Shiloh’s owner’s brother who was recording the moment. The camera was focused on Shiloh’s back as he peered past his yard, across the road to where a white truck had parked. A man and his dog were getting out. As the man and his dog stood outside of the car, Shiloh’s owner asked, “Who is that? Is that your friend Shiloh?”

The name “Shiloh” immediately caused the dog to snap his head around and look at his owner longingly. But he didn’t want to get too excited, just in case it wasn’t Shiloh. The dog that was approaching was still too far away to be sure. It could have been any dog for all he knew. So the dog decided to crouch down and get comfortable in the grass while waiting for the other dog to get closer.

But the approaching dog didn’t need any convincing. He knew within seconds that this was his old buddy that he hadn’t seen in seven long months. Shiloh ran right past his owner at full speed and straight over to his cousin. The two dogs were visibly overjoyed to see one another. They jumped up on one another, spun around, and nuzzled their heads into one another.

Dad had to warn his dog to calm down a bit as they were both so excited to be reunited again. Both dog owners laughed at that extremely emotional reunion. According to Ferplast, dogs remember and can identify other dogs that they’ve met in the past, even when several months have passed between their meetings. Dogs can do this by using their sight and scent.

The video of the two dogs reuniting was posted online, where it went viral after the internet fell in love with these two cuties. Their video was viewed more than 3.3 million times on ViralHog. “The way he turned and looked at him when he said his friend’s name was priceless,” wrote one commenter on YouTube. “Dog friendships are so pure. You can see once they recognize their smell or even once they see them. They get so happy,” said another.

The reunion of Shiloh and his cousin was a beautiful reminder of the bond between dogs. These two pups demonstrated the kind of pure, unadulterated joy that we all hope to experience in our lives. The video of their reunion is a must-see for anyone who loves dogs or has a soft spot for heartwarming moments. Watch it and share it with your friends and family. Because when it comes to dogs and their friendships, the more we share, the better.

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Heartwarming moment: Dog recognizes long-lost friend