When This Horse Was Left For Dead, That Woman Does Something Wonderful For Him…

When you hear ‘Factory Farming’ and ‘Breeding Rings,’ the first things that come to mind are cows, pigs, chickens, and even dogs. What about horses? Horse breeding is one of the fastest growing operations these days. And it all started off because of races. When you bet on a racehorse, it inadvertently supports these breeding rings. Horse racing is a very profitable business, so breeders do whatever they need to do to produce as many foals as possible.

Not every foal can be a race horse, so most of these foals are born just to die. We see a lot of people doing their best to save pets like dogs and cats, but there are hardly any rescue teams for horses. The foals that come to Last Chance Corral were taken away from their mothers so their mothers could feed thoroughbred foals for racing and get pregnant again right away. These milk mares are expected to have one foal a year.

Thankfully, one woman named Victoria Goss has been working really hard to save these foals. She has been rescuing horses for most of her life, so she decided to establish Last Chance Corral in 2008 as way to protect these foals, and she also rescues other horses when she can.

Victoria Goss has been sheltering horses since she was 12 years-old. She founded Last Chance Corral Horse Rescue in Athens, Ohio 35 years ago. Despite the poor economy, she continues her commitment to equine with assistance from fellow horse lovers. Some of the people who work there are volunteers. Others she refers to as ‘voluntolds’ and they are court appointed through a diversion program.

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When This Horse Was Left For Dead, That Woman Does Something Wonderful For Him...