Hyperactive squirrel scurries away from the tickle monster

Hearing a squirrel laugh is as wholesome as it gets. Rocky made a lot of fans by wrestling with his human during a tickle attack.

If someone told you that they could make a squirrel laugh, would you believe it? Well now there is video proof, and it happens multiple times. The first time is a surprise, and all of the times after are a happy bonus.

Rocky is an 8-month-old Sciurus that loves to play. Other than his sparky personality, Rocky is no different than any other tree squirrel.

His docile nature is a combination of a great upbringing and a loving home. Most squirrels you see out in a tree are not as skittish as they seem. Offer them some food, and all of a sudden, they’re eating out of your hands.

For Rocky, his laugh has nothing to do with food. Tickles are the currency, and he can never get enough of them. Throughout the day, he always comes back for more.

When playtime is over, Rocky likes to munch on a tomato. The home is pet friendly, as the in-house dog and Rocky are best friends. There is no place like home, especially when you have a laughing squirrel to share it with.

Hyperactive squirrel scurries away from the tickle monster