The Japanese Did It Again… An Adorable Drone Flies Around Town… Tooo Cute!…

When legends come to life, they can amaze you. Nearly every association, team and company has a logo and a mascot. You only have to watch sports games and see the team’s mascots come on the field. Well, even towns have mascots and this mascot, belonging to the little Japanese town of Oji, will take your breath away on just how cute it is!

As all things Japanese, this mascot has something to do with technology and pure cuteness! As Japanese people love all things cute, this mascot is a flying drone puppy named Yukimaru. The toy puppy is powered by a quad copter and the little white colored mascot happily buzzes through the town, showing off its popular attractions in this promotional video.

I have to say, this is cleverly done! Watch how Yukimaru navigates his way through the town, taking the viewer to the Yamato River whilst following a jogger on the river banks, famous Daruma Temple and you even get to see a 360 degree panoramic view from Mount Myojin! The flying doggy takes you to its namesake’s burial spot ” the pet pooch of the royal Prince Shōtoku who lived in the 7th century.

Just in case you think this is all a hoax, or some extended version of an April fool’s prank, you can even watch the close-up video of the unique drone mascot. This pet pooch has become so popular that he has his own Facebook page and his character even makes appearances around town as a costumed mascot. Love this!

Did you ever want your town to have a mascot? Does your town have one? Don’t you think a drone would be so cool? I would love to own one, forget about the mascot LOL! Tell us what you think of the video in the comments section below.

The Japanese Did It Again... An Adorable Drone Flies Around Town... Tooo Cute!...