Sweet Baby So Excited She Can’t Control Her Limbs When Her Kitty Is Near

Sweet Baby So Excited She Can't Control Her Limbs When Her Kitty Is Near

Our furry friends bring us so much joy; there is no denying that. We may be dog lovers, or cat lovers, or bird lovers. There are so many pets out there that we enjoy and love and treat as members of the family. And one of the best things for children growing up is to receive and share the love with a furry companion.

The video we are sharing today stars a gorgeous cat and her baby buddy. The sweet baby girl is in her crib and looking like she is ready for bed. In an adorable outfit that contains her arms and legs, it becomes obvious very quickly this is to keep her limbs contained as she gets so excited when her furry friend comes to say hi.

When mom brings the cat to the crib, the little one can barely contain herself. She is so excited and grinning from ear to ear. Her noises are so sweet as she coos at her furry friend, and you can tell she just wants to wrap her arms around him.

Check out the video below for a serious dose of adorable. This little sweetie is so thrilled that mom is bringing in the cat for a quick little playtime. Once the little one gets a little older, no doubt, she will be able to be a little more ‘hands-on’ with her feline friend. In the meantime, both are safe and clearly enjoy each other’s company.

Sweet Baby So Excited She Can\'t Control Her Limbs When Her Kitty Is Near