This Kitty Walked Up To His Friend. When You See What He Did, You’ll Be SHOCKED

James is just a street performer who regularly plays his music outside. Or at least he was, until he met Bob the cat. He was always struggling to afford everything that he needed, until he started receiving this cute kitty’s help!

They met at James’s flat one day, and Bob wasn’t all that great then, but thanks to James and his help, he was able to recover shortly. They’ve been friends since then. Eventually, James started taking the cat with him to the street, where he performs, and the way his little friend helps him will definitely make your heart melt!

James started getting more and more money each day, thanks to the now improved show by Bob. And not just that, he now also got way more attention and love from the bystanders, and his life slowly started to change for the better. As you can see in the video, sometimes having a friend is all you need to turn your life completely around! James says in the video that he has made up his mind, and he now he wants to write a novel about his life with Bob the cat, and how he helped him regain hope. Touching!

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This Kitty Walked Up To His Friend. When You See What He Did, You\'ll Be SHOCKED