Adorable German Shepherd Does The Best Ever ‘Play Dead’

Adorable German Shepherd Does The Best Ever 'Play Dead'

German Shepherds or ‘GSD’ (German Shepherd Dog) are the second most popular dog breed in the United States. These large animals were first bred in Germany, with the original aim to have them help in the herding of sheep.

However, due to their strength, intelligence, trainability, and obedience, GSDs are one of the first go-to breeds for many types of work. Police work, guiding work, therapy collaboration, and even baby sitter since they are extremely great with children. Also, they are just extremely charismatic.

Seeing German Shepherds share an amazing bond with their owner is always impressive because they tend to be very cute and sweet despite their large size. In this video, a gorgeous German Shepherd by the name of ‘Sam’ has been trained to perform a popular trick — ‘Bang, you’re dead!’ The best part? Sam puts her own twist on this trick by first adding a cute howl, and then, of course, falling to the ground.

You won’t believe how well-timed her howl is and just how all-around cute the whole clip can be. It’s amazing how clever Sam is — isn’t she a good girl?

Adorable German Shepherd Does The Best Ever \'Play Dead\'