“Who Did This?” Dad Asks His Dogs. The Guilty Dog Is Pretty Easy To Spot

If you like watching adorable pet videos, you’re in for a real treat today. I personally love watching the mishaps that dogs always get themselves in, and I love that people can share those moments so easily nowadays.


This video is actually a viral classic back from 2011, and even if you’ve seen it sometime before, it’s worth coming back to it over and over again. Starring in the video is Denver, the famous yellow Labrador that we’ve shared in other videos before. She was still fairly young when this video was recorded, and it shows one of the best doggie reactions that I’ve ever seen.

I’m completely in love with this yellow dog now, and in this video, you’ll see the perfect side of her charisma! Denver is a very expressive dog, and she really shows it when dad approaches her and her siblings to question them about a very important issue in the house.

He asked each one of the dogs separately, and when he got to Denver, well, you just have to see her hilarious reaction for yourself! You can watch this classic adorable dog video above.

We hope you enjoyed the video above. Our pets and animals bring constant joy to our lives and always bring a smile.