Mill Survivor Puppy Has Turned Her Life Around, You Gotta See THIS…

There are fewer things that I hate in this world more than puppy mills. They are cruel to the dogs that give birth to these puppies and they live in filthy conditions. If I could have my way, I would shut every single one of them down. It’s a good thing that there are places like the National Mill Dog Rescue out there to take them from those situations. Here’s the story of one dog who was in a mill.

We see Harleigh, a Chihuahua who was in a cramped cage at a puppy mill for three years before she was rescued. That’s a long time to live in those horrible conditions and she’s understandably afraid of human touch, since nothing good came of it before. There’s a volunteer in her much larger cage at the shelter, and he just sits and holds her for a while so she gets comfortable with him.

In an attempt to get her used to other dogs, she met a male Chihuahua named Harley. Yeah, I see the problem if one of them is called. ‘Harley! No – not you, Harleigh – Harley! Sigh – ‘ The volunteer sat with her for a long time, and he ever got her to sit next to him for an extended period. It was a sight to see – she was half-sitting, half-standing and one could see her thinking, ‘Wait.. he’s not hitting me. He’s not hitting me – .’ It’s sad that she even has to think that way.

The video doesn’t end in a neat, bow-tied package of assured happiness. Harleigh was mistreated for a long time and her trust issues weren’t going to be solved in an hour. There was a resolution, though. About a month later, presumably after the volunteer spent a lot more time with her, she was taken to a forever home. Her name was changed to Mindy, and she has a sister Chihuahua named Missy ” though I was disappointed that it wasn’t a male named Mork –

I was glad to see the progress in the video and learn of Harleigh/Mindy’s new home. Have you had a dog that was taken from a puppy mill? What was it like? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments section. Also, please ‘Like’ us on Pinterest.

Mill Survivor Puppy Has Turned Her Life Around, You Gotta See THIS...