Adorable Toddler Is On ‘Paw-Trick Patrol’ As She Teaches Sweet Pooch To Shake

Adorable Toddler Is On 'Paw-Trick Patrol' As She Teaches Sweet Pooch To Shake

Beautiful moments usually happen spontaneously, and sometimes we are lucky to have these moments with a furry companion. The concept of bond knows no bounds, and this video is a testament to that.

The bond that this dog and girl has in this video is something that we try to find all our lives. You will not see a dog and girl, but two friends bonding over an activity which scores really high on the cute-meter.

The protagonists of the story are Hadley and Gauge, and this is their sweet story of a training day. Hadley is trying to teach Gauge, her confidante, the ‘paw’ skill, which is actually harder than it looks.

In order to keep Gauge engaged and interested in the grueling training regime (if you know what I mean), Hadley gives him a small treat every time he performs the skill correctly. And she is just so darned cute when doing it, too.

Hadley is so proud of Gauge each time he succeeds in giving her his paw. These two are adorable together. I wonder what other tricks little Hadley will teach Gauge.

Adorable Toddler Is On \'Paw-Trick Patrol\' As She Teaches Sweet Pooch To Shake