Mommy Takes Dog’s Favorite Teddy Bear To Wash It. Its Immediate Reaction? Gut-Busting.

We all have things that we just can’t bear to part with, no matter their condition. There’s one shirt that I have from my college days that’s basically two strings tied together. Even though I just wear it while bumming around the house, my wife still gives me the stink-eye when I toss it into the laundry bag to be washed again. I’m sure she would love to tear it into a million pieces, burn those piece and then bury the ashes in another state. I’d still find it, somehow. Like the dog in this video.

It was a well-intentioned act. The dog’s mommy wanted to wash their golden retriever’s filthy teddy bear. She would give it right back to her. Uh-uh. They would find the teddy bear taken out of the hamper. So, the mommy and daddy decided to see how fast she could realize that the teddy bear was gone and then ‘rescue’ it. They set up a couple of cameras in the laundry room and put the bear in the washer.

Well. It took literally minutes for the dog to sneak into the laundry room and then stick her head in the washer ” the camera showed a really cool shot of the dog’s head in the washer, like something out of a heist movie ” and extracted the teddy bear. You could almost hear her whispering into a mike, ‘Ted E. Bear is safe. Ted E. Bear is safe. We are a go! GO! GO!’ as she walked out of the laundry room. Now Mommy and Daddy probably have to wash it at night, when the pooch is asleep.

Pets get their own attachments to things. Our older cat has this cat toy, it looks like a fuzzy fish. He’s had it ever since he was brought home from the shelter nine years ago. It looks disgusting, frankly, but he’s got an obsession with it. I just know that if either of us threw it into the trash, he would claw our eyeballs out. That would be very tough, since he only has hind claws ” his previous owner did that, not us, so no nasty comments below, please. I can sympathize with this golden retriever, though.

I enjoyed that movie so much. I propose that Hollywood remakes ‘Ocean’s 11’ with this dog. What did you think? Tell us in the comments section!

Mommy Takes Dog\'s Favorite Teddy Bear To Wash It. Its Immediate Reaction? Gut-Busting.