This Oblivious Dog Approaches A Wild Deer. Now Watch What The Deer Does… Too Funny!

Animals are amazing. There are no other words to describe them! And the best thing about them is that they don’t discriminate. You could be a lion, but you can most definitely get along with a housecat! This video shows one such amazing connection between a dog and a deer that are meeting for the first time! What an unlikely bond, right?

They look really happy to see each other, although the dog doesn’t seem that interested after a while. He’s found something more interesting in the water, I guess.  When the deer noticed her furry friend in the water, she came a bit closer to inspect this furry creature. The dog, a Golden Retriever, is relaxed and just wags his tail. Then the beautiful deer starts frolicking around and doing a funny dance! She is so cheerful!

When the owner took his dog out for a walk, I don’t think either of them were expecting this chance meeting! But it is fortunate that they captured it on video and shared it with the rest of us! This deer seems to really want the attention of this oblivious dog, and she is doing a deer dance to try to get his attention. But this dog is busy looking for something in the water, so the deer continues to frolic and have fun without him.

Watch the video above! Looks like the little deer knows how to have fun! Share your thoughts in the comments section! We would love to hear from you!

This Oblivious Dog Approaches A Wild Deer. Now Watch What The Deer Does... Too Funny!