Bridesmaid Carries Bride’s Beloved Dog Down The Aisle For The Most Beautiful Reason

Bridesmaid Carries Bride's Beloved Dog Down The Aisle For The Most Beautiful Reason

There are times that people seem to hang on for big events in the lives of their loved ones. While she didn’t actually get to see the ceremony live, my mother did get to see my wedding a day later on video. She was sadly too ill to travel for the ceremony, but she did watch the whole thing and smiled at the end. That same sort of thing happens here in this video about a wedding with a very special guest.

We see a wedding procession: Katie, who is the Maid of Honor for Kelly, Charlie’s mommy, lugs Charlie up the aisle. Why is she doing this? Charlie, who is 15, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. It’s terminal. The video is a series of photos from the wedding, and they turn out amazing even though the photographer admitted that she was a puddle of tears at the time.

Everyone loves Charlie. The person who deserves a LOT of credit here is Katie, who carries Charlie up the aisle. He was not a small dog – but the things that we all do for love, right? He gets to see his best friend get married, and I’m sure he enjoys all the attention that he receives from everybody – even though they are fighting tears the whole time.

Charlie is by Kelly’s side as she says her vows with her soon-to-be husband. Weddings are emotional, but this takes it to a whole new level. Charlie hung on for another eight days after the wedding before passing away.

The wedding photographer decided to enlarge a lot of the photos of him and give them to the newly wedded couple as a gift. While this might not be the happiest of videos, it would have been a lot sadder if Charlie hadn’t even made it to the ceremony. We should appreciate everyone who is in our lives that makes such an effort. It’s the least we can do. While this isn’t a typical video for here, it does make you appreciate life.

Bridesmaid Carries Bride\'s Beloved Dog Down The Aisle For The Most Beautiful Reason