Paralyzed Pittie uses her wheelchair for the first time

When Erica found her Pittie, Pigeon, the little one’s back legs were paralyzed. Despite that, Erica was determined to give the lovable Pit Bull the love and attention she deserved.

Erica had heard of special needs pups using wheelchairs, but Pigeon’s situation was more complicated than most. When she first arrived at Erica’s house, she still needed to recover from her injuries.

Pigeon did her best to stay active, but Erica could tell that her inability to keep up with her friends frustrated the Pittie. She could drag her feet across the floor, but doing so put a lot of strain on the recovering dog.

Finally, Pigeon’s veterinarian gave the pup the thumbs-up to start using her wheelchair. Having taken care of special needs dogs before, she reached out to a trusted supplier and got a wheelchair that was the perfect fit for the Pittie.

Pigeon was impatient to return to her usual speed again, but learning how to use her new wheelchair took time. But even in those first few days, it was clear that the wheels made a demonstrative difference for Pigeon.

Watching Pigeon move around on her own two feet filled Erica with joy. “Most dogs don’t take to their wheelchairs immediately. Pigeon truly acted as if her chair was an extension of her body, and it was amazing,” she said.

Erica could not wait to see Pigeon continue to find joy in her new autonomy. “She’ll bark to get us to put it on her,” said the Pittie’s proud mom. “She’s the most positive, fun dog, and she inspires me everyday.”

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Paralyzed Pittie uses her wheelchair for the first time