Pitbull puppy melts when daddy sings her a lullaby

Sometimes, all you need to sleep is a lullaby. For this pitbull puppy, the sound of her dad’s voice is immediately relaxing. She loves him so much.

While some believe that bully breeds such as the pitbull are aggressive by nature, Puti the pitbull is the exact opposite. This sweet girl just can’t get to sleep as she climbs into her crate for the night.

Thankfully, her dad is right there with her. All she needs is a little lullaby from him to get to sleep. This happens often. All Puti has to do is give her dad one of her sweet looks and he sings her a little lullaby to relax her.

As he starts to sing, Puti gives him a huge smile and a look that can only be described as pure love. This pup has nothing but affection and appreciation for her dad. He’s obviously her favorite human on the planet.

The sweet girl puts her head down almost immediately, as her dad launches into a sweet, custom rendition of Sarah McLachlan’s ‘In the Arms of the Angel’. While it doesn’t follow the original perfectly, Puti doesn’t seem to mind.

She puts her head down and starts to relax, her eyes falling closed as her dad continues to sing. It doesn’t take long before she’s nodding off, even if she does open her eyes as if to ask him why he stopped.

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Pitbull puppy melts when daddy sings her a lullaby