Puppy Cries With Baby After Hysterically Stealing His Cookie

Mans-best-friend, the dog, is called that for several reasons. Dogs are incredibly loyal to their person and will love them un-conditionally. It’s true, but they do have certain requirements, such as baths, walks, pampering – ..oh – .and FOOD. Some dogs just live for their next meal, some dogs are so food aggressive that you would think they had not eaten for days. While others are as gentle as a mouse when it comes to dinner time. Our dogs at home know when it is 5pm, that’s the time that they get fed every day, and they seem to know exactly when dinner time is. Just before 5 they start to hang around, then should the clock tick past this most important hour, they will let you know by giving you the occasional nudge, all in a loving way of course.

Babies and puppies have always had incredible friendships. It’s amazing to watch what is of essentially two children growing up together. It seems that when paired at such an early age, babies and puppies create a special bond that only they seem to understand. They share everything, well that is to say that the puppy receives everything from the baby, especially when they are not paying attention to their little canine friends.

In the clip above, a puppy and his best friend are sharing a cookie. Now I should probably explain the word sharing a little better. It seems that our baby friend has something that our puppy friend wants. The object of both of their attention is a cookie that mom has given her pride and joy. Being a little hungry himself, the dog-come-dinner-guest decides that he should probably share a little of the delicious morsel with his best friend. On the first taste of the snack he decides that maybe he should ‘share’ a bit more – – – .oh what the heck, it’s too good, I’ll have the lot. In a flash the cookie is gone and the baby is left holding nothing but a crumb.

Now baby doesn’t like this scenario very much, and once he realizes that he is no longer in possession of his favorite-food he decides that now may be a good time to protest, and immediately starts to cry. On seeing this reaction, our puppy friend decides that this might be a good idea and start to cry along with his besty. Of course, baby is crying because he has lost his cookie, whereas puppy is crying because he thinks that if their ploy works, another cookie may suddenly appear.

Click on the link below and enjoy the fun of two best friends sharing a special moment together. You can’t help but laugh at the antics of this not-so-shy little puppy and his hungry friend.

Puppy Cries With Baby After Hysterically Stealing His Cookie