That Rescue Puppy Doesn’t Want To Eat Alone. So What She Did At Meal Time? This Is? HILARIOUS!

One of the little dogs in this video is called Bonnie. She was a homeless street dog, but thankfully she was rescued by the Sato Rescue Organization. This establishment then helped her to find a new, caring forever home. But you are going to melt when you see what happened one night as she was given her meal!

As it turns out, little Bonnie hates to eat alone. Maybe her memories of eating alone on the street are too much for her, or maybe she just enjoyed the company of other dogs after she was rescued. Either way, this little sweetie doesn’t like to eat alone and her new owners knew what she would do if they tried to separate her from their other dog during meal time. So they recorded it and it is too cute.

Her parents were a bit careful introducing Bonnie to their dog and having them eat together during meal time, but Bonnie has no trouble fitting in! Clyde, their dog for many years, really didn’t even seem to notice Bonnie when she pulled this stunt to get closer to him while eating dinner.

When Bonnie realized Clyde was eating his dinner on the other side of the kitchen, she proceeded to pick up her food bowl and scoot backwards to join Clyde! I was surprised to see how she ran back to her new sibling Clyde while eating! And Clyde didn’t even look up. She is definitely going to blend well in this family!

Watch this cute video above to see Bonnie and her antics. What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments!

That Rescue Puppy Doesn\'t Want To Eat Alone. So What She Did At Meal Time? This Is? HILARIOUS!