Rescued kitten’s favorite spot is her foster mom’s shoulders

As a rescuer for Brooklyn Animal Action, Dana was used to putting in a lot of effort to save animals. But one little kitten proved to be the simplest rescue she ever had.

Dana was walking down the streets of Brooklyn when she saw an adorable kitten poke its head out of a car wheel. She checked the area for other kittens and prepared herself for a lot of waiting.

Dana set up her trap and sat on the side of the road, but the kitten was not interested in the treats Dana put out for her. Instead, the little one walked right up to Dana.

Dana wrapped the friendly kitten in a “purrito” and drove her back to her temporary home. Back at Dana’s apartment, the kitten was relaxed and content with her foster mom.

Back at Dana’s home, the kitten, Ginny, continued to be just as open and affectionate. She took every chance to be near her foster mom, but Dana could not carry the little one everywhere. So, Ginny started climbing onto Dana’s shoulder.

As Ginny grew older, Dana knew putting her up for adoption would be painful, but she also knew that she needed to keep her home open for other rescue kittens.

Dana made it her mission to find Ginny the perfect home with a kitty sibling. Not long after, Dana found forever homes for Ginny and another tiny kitten. “I couldn’t have imagined a better home for them,” said Dana.

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Rescued kitten’s favorite spot is her foster mom’s shoulders