Rescuers Thought Mama Dog Had Abandoned Puppies But Were Shocked When They Saw THIS…

When I see videos like this and read stories like this, it breaks my heart.

All animals are God’s creatures and sending innocent, defenceless puppies to certain death is nothing short of being inhumane and is pure cruelty.

When the team from ‘Howl of a Dog’ received a call about certain animal noises from the tall grass by a country road, they went to investigate. They thought a mama dog must have abandoned her puppies, but what they found really made me feel sad.

After following the sound of faint mewling, they pushed thick bushes and long grass aside to find a bag just dumped into the field. Upon closer inspection, the team found two newborn puppies just outside the bag, caught in the tall grass. They carefully extracted the puppies and kept them in a safe place and then went back to check the plastic bag.

They found many more puppies inside, with all their umbilical cords still attached. The little ones were placed inside the bag, thrown into the wilderness and left to die. They even searched the surrounding area for any puppies that may have wandered off and found one trapped in the grass.

Finding a total of 7, they were placed in a box and rushed to the shelter. Sadly, four of them succumbed to the trauma of the cold and chilly autumn night with no warmth and passed away to Doggy heaven. However, three managed to fight and have now become strong and healthy dogs, looking for a loving home to call their own.

Please SHARE this video to spread the word about these dogs and to help them find forever homes. They’ve had a rough start in life, and if we all can do something to erase that sad look in their eyes, we should do our part. What did you think of this video? I was so MOVED by it! Please write in and tell us your thoughts in the section below.

Rescuers Thought Mama Dog Had Abandoned Puppies But Were Shocked When They Saw THIS...