Retired trail dog remembers the good old days

Raven, a retired trail dog, narrates a beautiful story of living life to the fullest and being satisfied despite being older.

The bike trail, vast, expansive, surrounded by running rivers and verdant forest. At thirteen years old, Raven is a retired trail dog who looks out into nature and reflects on her life.

She watches as younger dogs take the trail with their friends, running as fast as they can to keep up or even stay ahead of the bikes. Their leaps and bounds are full of youthful energy.

Raven thinks about how she wanted to reach the end of the trail. She considers herself and those dogs who live nearby as the lucky ones. So close to the open space, nothing to hold them back.

There are all dogs of shapes and sizes, all out for the same thing, the beautiful and twisting trails. Only joy awaits them out there as they run their hearts out.

To her, it didn’t matter that she didn’t reach the end of the trail. The true joy was being out there and taking each day by storm. She can rest happily knowing that not a day was wasted.

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Retired trail dog remembers the good old days