Samoyed Husky Wants Daddy To Wake Up. How She Does It Is S? HILARIOUS!

One thing that dog or cat owners know very well: Their pets consider sleep their enemy. A mommy or daddy sleeping late is time taken away from throwing them toys or just sitting and petting them. Though they need to be careful – a tired mommy or daddy who sits down might just nod back off to dreamland. So these

Lexi sees her daddy fast asleep in bed. She does not like this. Daddy needs to be up so that he can play with Lexi. Hmmm. What is the best way to wake him up? Jumping up and down on the bed might startle him too much. Taking him to the hospital for heart palpitations will just take away from spending time with her. The same could be said for jumping on his chest, though the cracked sternum might give the doctor’s easier access to his heart. What to do?

Ah! Lexi knows! Wait… licking his face is so passé. He looks like he’s a sound sleeper, anyways. Yes! The solution is right there on the tip of her paw – she places the pads of her paw on his face. The sensation of the cool pads is enough to wake him up, slowly. She keeps it up. Daddy makes that grumbly sound when he’s annoyed. Who cares? He needs to wake up to play with her! Yay! Daddy’s awake. It worked! Yay! Yay!

My wife used to have a cat that behaved like that when we were dating. He would circle the bed multiple times in the morning when he was hungry, searching our eyes for even the SLIGHTEST sign of one of us opening our eyes. If he did, it was ALL OVER, no matter how quickly we’d shut them again. Then he would use – the paw. He’d rest one of his pads on one of our faces – I’m convinced the stinker would put it in the freezer beforehand. Lexi must have learned from him.

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Samoyed Husky Wants Daddy To Wake Up. How She Does It Is S? HILARIOUS!