A Terribly Cute First Meeting Shows Playful Love… When They Reunite Years Later? Heartwarming!

Most animals are social creatures. This resonates from humans to dogs, possibly cats depending on the living situation. Social experiments were done in rats and showed that being social is an easier way to get ahead or rather to be happy. There are quite a few times we can really tell when animals are fighting or playing and man does this pair love each other immediatelчy.

First meetings can be rough, others can be adorable. You have the age of one hound with the lack of age on the opposing end. Mishka and Laika have the most loving relationship at first. Their first meeting when Laika is very young. Yet Mishka is a bit older than Laika. They seem to be biting and nipping playfully, as if their first meeting was a joyous reunion rather than a first meeting. When you see how small this Pitbull is compared to the husky Mishka you will be amazed at the difference between these two!

Yet when we do get a flash forward to the amazing reuniting between these two loving playful pups, we find a much different experience for the husky. The pit bull that was once but a tiny little puppy, on the underside of the playing, has gotten massive! She seems to have just as much for Mishka as she had initially. Yet when these two precious pups get their adulthood reunion you won’t believe the amount of joy between the two! I was taken aback as their playful romp erupted into a full-blown lovefest!

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A Terribly Cute First Meeting Shows Playful Love... When They Reunite Years Later? Heartwarming!