Paralyzed Stray Overlooked For Seven Years Until Someone Saw Her Beauty

Life is tough on the streets. Even though well meaning people help out, you’re still on the streets. Bianca has an incredible rescue and rehome story that will really touch your heart and make you root for her and her life ahead.

Suffering from degenerative myelopathy, Bianca started losing function in her hind legs and in just six months, she couldn’t use them at all and had to drag them behind while she walked. It wasn’t easy. People around her built her a little shelter to stay safe and warm and even kept her well fed. But well meaning gestures can sometimes also do more harm.

Although she was taken for x-rays, due to her condition, she could only be in a home and not on the streets or even in a shelter. People passed by, did their bit to help her, but nobody took her into their own homes to call their own. She slept in her own waste, helpless until The Orphan Pet stepped in to help.

They heard about her and took her in, cleaning her up and giving her the necessary medical attention. There was nothing they could do about her condition, but they managed to find someone who was willing to take her in, who had experience in dealing with dogs with her condition. This was nothing short of a miracle as there are very few people who would want to adopt a seven year old dog, suffering from a condition that will inconvenience them.

Sadly, she may not have long to live, but at least now she lives in a happy home, with loving humans around her, who take good care of her. She even goes out for walks with her wheelchair.

I loved this rescue story ” it felt so different from the others I’ve seen so far. I love that The Orphan Pet were able to look past the dirt and disease and see her for the beautiful dog that she is. Too often we judge a book by its cover, but we should really take the time to read the book. SHARE this video to encourage more people to adopt shelter and rescued dogs ” the world needs more people like Linda and The Orphan Pet. Would you have taken her in? What would you have done if you saw a dog like Bianca? Write in and tell us in the section below.

Paralyzed Stray Overlooked For Seven Years Until Someone Saw Her Beauty