A Terrified Dog Is Trapped In A Sunken Truck – The Rescue Is Unmissable

A Terrified Dog Is Trapped In A Sunken Truck – The Rescue Is Unmissable

Truth is stranger than fiction, and never a truer phrase was spoken when it comes to this astonishing video of a daring rescue in Winthrop, WA. You’re not going to believe your eyes as this brave crew attempt to save the life of a dog that had become trapped in the back of his owner’s flatbed truck. And the truck was sitting in the middle of a raging river!

Quite how the accident happened or if the driver was safe is unknown from this footage, as we begin the nail-biting video focussing on a team of rescuers trying to get out to the stricken vehicle – and the poor pooch trapped in the back. Perhaps this might serve as a lesson that your dogs don’t belong there – there have been far too many pet deaths and injuries because Fido has been left in the back of the truck!

This is one scenario that, for a while, was really touch and go. You’ll have your heart in your mouth as you watch the gripping drama play out, while a large group of onlookers has gathered to witness this race against time.

As the man who filmed the rescue rightly notes, ‘if the truck dislodges they could be in serious trouble.’ And with the river flowing with such a relentless speed and intensity, you wouldn’t want to bet against it.

The rescuers carefully co-ordinate a dingy out to the truck using safety lines from the banks of the river, and as they move around behind the vehicle and into a position to reach the animal, they are seriously in harm’s way. It’s astounding the lengths these men and women are going to in order to save the frightened animal’s life, and they should be highly commended for it. We need more people like these guys.

Although the truck isn’t dislodged, there’s still a lot of work to do, namely trying to get the dog out of the flatbed. The poor creature can be seen cowering away from his rescuers, and he might well be injured. It takes the bravery of one of the team actually to climb into the back and lift the animal free, and the animal doesn’t look that light.

There’s going to be nothing left of your fingernails here. Don’t miss this astounding act of heroism and bravery, and a stark reminder to not put your pets in the back of a flatbed. Thankfully, this is one occasion that had a happy ending. You’ll be cheering along with the watching crowd.

A Terrified Dog Is Trapped In A Sunken Truck – The Rescue Is Unmissable