The cutest mama cat and her three adorable kittens are rescued

Three kittens and a mama cat were rescued after being found behind a chainlink fence. Hope For Paws got a call about a stray cat who gave birth near an abandoned home.

JoAnn Wiltz drove out to the location and discovered that the previous tenant of the home was evicted, and cats appeared on the property. Wiltz spotted the cat and her kittens.

They later named the mother cat Miya. She was food motivated, and Wiltz put a trail of food toward a crate. Wiltz stepped away to give space to Miya and captured Miya once she was inside the cage.

Hope For Paws was working towards helping all the feral cats, but Miya and her kittens were the current priority. Once Miya was contained, Wiltz went in between the fence and the house to pick up the kittens.

It was a tight, narrow space but wide enough for Wiltz to pass through. Three kittens were found, and she picked them up one by one.

After placing them in a carrier, Wiltz checked if there were any more kittens. Miya and her kittens were then brought to Wiltz’s home, where they had a peaceful night’s rest.

The kittens were named Soy Sauce, Beans, and Sprout. All of them were given a bath the following day, including mama Miya. Three weeks later, all the cats were happy, healthy, and ready to be adopted.

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The cutest mama cat and her three adorable kittens are rescued