This Puppy Is Having A Bad Dream… You Won’t Believe Who Comes To Comfort Him.

What can be worst than a bad dream?! After we wake up, it lingers with us making us remember all the bad stuff about it. We wish we could only have good dreams and somehow turn bad ones into good and sweet ones! I have often wondered if animals dream like humans do. And what about bad dreams? Have they ever had any? All my doubts were dispelled when I saw this video.

The video given below features four cute pups sleeping together. The one called Scooby Doo is having one of those bad dreams. But there is nothing to worry about. His devoted friend, called Pretty Boy, is always ready to help, so he comes to the rescue! It is so sweet to witness the things that doggy friends do for one another! After all, as the saying goes ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed!’

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This Puppy Is Having A Bad Dream... You Won\'t Believe Who Comes To Comfort Him.