This Tired Bird Cuddles Up To His Dad. But Just Listen To His Words Before He Falls Asleep… I Cracked Up…

We love our pets.  We love them so much that there really is nothing in the world that we wouldn’t do for them.  From the moment we bring them home the first time they have us wrapped around their little finger, hook, line and sinker.  The funny thing about our pets is that they know they have this power over us, and sometimes they use it to their advantage.

This featured video is about a little bird named Pedro.  Pedro is a Budgie bird and is very chatty. Pedro loves to talk and everything that is said around him he listens too and then repeats it later.  He is a very loveable and social bird and we’re so happy that his parents decided to tape him doing this.

Every night Pedro and his dad have a specific routine that Pedro is quite used too.  Every night Pedro sits on his dad’s belly and while his dad is sitting there Pedro starts to drift off to sleep.  But what is odd about this is that in order for Pedro to fall asleep he has to talk to himself.

Yes, he does this every single night.  Every night he sits on his dads belly and starts to chatter away and even when he’s falling asleep he is talking.  When he starts to drift off though his words start coming slower and deeper and it almost sounds like he is running out of batteries, it’s so funny to watch!

Watch this hilariously sweet video about a little bird named Pedro and let us know what you thought of it.  As always please feel free to share this video on your social media with your family and friends.

This Tired Bird Cuddles Up To His Dad. But Just Listen To His Words Before He Falls Asleep... I Cracked Up...