Tv Host Asks Ashton Kutcher What She Can Pray For Him For. His Answer Leaves Her Stunned

If someone were to look at actor Ashton Kutcher, they would say he is one of the actors who has it all. He started very early in his life doing acting and modeling, he has cemented a very solid career in one of the most difficult industries out there, he has investments in several companies they would see someone who seems to have it all. He has a solid career in Hollywood, he’s invested in several successful companies, and he has a beautiful wife and two adorable children.

Hollywood is a setting where it is very easy for a person to wonder off in the wrong direction. Think about all the actors or actresses that have had tragic endings. The temptations are there and are hard to resist. So, you would think that an actor like Ashton, would not have a good head on his shoulders and probably up to no good with all the money he’s got. But not Ashton.

He was recently on the Today Show, where he was asked about his many ventures and personal life. To change the interview a little bit, one of the hosts asks Ashton if there was something in his life that was not going well, something where he needed help or a prayer. He said that actually, there was something we could all help him do. During the Obama administration and after watching a Dateline show on human trafficking he felt so disturbed that little girls and boys were being sold for profit and that he had to live in a world where this would take place and he was not doing anything about it.

He then started, along with his ex-wife and organization that would help rescue children who were being abused, but that it would also help bring the criminals who were exploiting them to justice. It has not been easy, but he has been working very hard on this and has seen results.

In 2016, Thorn identified and rescued over 6,000 girls and boys who were victims of trafficking, they also captured 2,000 traffickers, that in itself has been a great accomplishment, but that doesn’t make Ashton rest on his laurels. He plans to continue this work as he has set another very ambitious goal.

His goal is, in this currect presidential period, to eliminate all child pornography from the Internet. He was seized by a feeling of wanting to find the guy who is raping a 7-year-old girl and just make him really pay for what he is doing. He is sure that this feeling will not change, 10, 15 or 20 years from now, it is something that will not change. So, as we can see it is not all shallowness in Hollywood, what else did he say? Just watch.

Tv Host Asks Ashton Kutcher What She Can Pray For Him For. His Answer Leaves Her Stunned