After Watching This Puppy Mill Rescue I – Well, I’m In TEARS

As more and more people learn of the harm that puppy mills do, hopefully more amazing stories like this one will appear. This story is about a young woman named Victoria Stillwell, a pet behavior expert, and her coverage of puppy mill bust in Cherokee, Georgia. A known puppy mill that had operated since the 80s was about to be shut down. Check out this amazing video and see how it all played out!

What touched me the most (and was also super impressive) was how many people came to adopt those puppies. That line was huge! This just goes to show how more and more people are deciding to adopt rather than shop.

How inspiring was the picture of all the families with their dogs at the one-year reunion?! I was so moved. If this video moved you, share it with your friends and let them know of the evils of puppy mills.

After Watching This Puppy Mill Rescue I – Well, I\'m In TEARS