Community Support And Dedication Brought This Lady’s Stolen Doberman Back Home

Community Support And Dedication Brought This Lady's Stolen Doberman Back Home

Francesca Rodriguez was distraught when she found out that her Doberman had been stolen. Someone just scooped him up straight out of her yard, and then tried to sell the poor dog on Craigslist.

Francesca found out about the Craigslist ad when she was posting some ‘lost dog’ posters, and a neighbor came across the ad. The incredible reunion between the two is very touching to witness.

Even though they were only parted for a week, it certainly seemed a lot longer for both of them. The poor dog had suffered while he had been in the custody of the thieves.

‘He was shocked,’ she told Detroit’s WXYZ after they were reunited. ‘You could tell he was traumatized and scared. He’s got all kinds of lacerations on his stomach and elbows – poor baby.’

Francesca and her darling Doberman are pretty lucky to have such awesome neighbors who helped find him. A week would have seemed like a lifetime to both of them, and it is so wonderful to see them back together. Check out the story in the video below.

Community Support And Dedication Brought This Lady\'s Stolen Doberman Back Home