There Is No Barrier That Can’t Be Bowled Over By These Funny Dachshunds When It’s Bathtime

There Is No Barrier That Can't Be Bowled Over By These Funny Dachshunds When It's Bathtime

It is a well-known fact that some animals absolutely despise water. Some cats and dogs show their hatred of it in the scariest way possible. And most of the time, we can also see them cringing in fear when they find out it is bath time. Some animals even run away when they hear the word “bath” spoken from their owner’s lips.

So I was really surprised when I saw this video. When this woman asked her puppies if they were ready for a bath, they do something exceptionally hilarious. These mini dachshunds will melt your heart with their energy and enthusiasm for their bath.

The dogs are downstairs when mom starts filming, and there’s a baby gate blocking the stairs. As soon as she says, ‘Are you ready for your bath time?’ they both run towards the baby gate and try to squeeze through it to get to the stairs. Mom opens it for them, and they run up the stairs, which is no easy task because they are pretty small.

Once they get upstairs, they slide across the wood floor and straight into the bathroom. One of them takes a flying leap and jumps into the big tub, already filled with water. The other one? Well, he’s not quite got the flying leap part down, so he has to wait for mom to pick him up. Wait till you see what they do once they are in the tub. Watch these puppies get enthusiastic about their bath time in the video below.

There Is No Barrier That Can\'t Be Bowled Over By These Funny Dachshunds When It\'s Bathtime